Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is a floating exchange rate?

    Usually, each transaction gets done at its own unique exchange rate. Due to the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market and the ever-changing network fees, the rate might change at any moment, and thus described as “floating”. As a result, you might get a different rate than you expected once your exchange is executed/completed.

  • Why do I need to register in AjuBit?

    Your email is required to create an account that grants you access to create an order, verify your account, to see your transaction history, password editing and other account settings.

  • How to active 2FA authentication?

    2 Factor Authentication enable it`s very simple, just login your account then click on Security option to enable or disable your 2FA. In case you unable to login you can disable it by contacting our support team.

  • What’s a crypto wallet address?

    A wallet is a digital place where you can store cryptocurrency coins and tokens. A wallet address is a randomly generated combination of digits and letters that is associated with a particular wallet.

    AjuBit does not provide wallet addresses and never stores user deposits. To exchange cryptocurrencies on AjuBit, you need to provide a previously-existing wallet address where you can receive your exchanged currency.

  • How do I get a wallet address?

    Just figure out what coin you want to exchange and look for a stable compatible wallet. As a rule, each coin has its official wallet client.

    Note that each wallet has its unique address or a tag with a private key that is required to restore your wallet if you lose it. AjuBit will never asks for your private keys. Store them in a safe place and never show them to anyone. If your private keys are stolen, your wallet and all your coins will be lost forever.

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