The AJUBIT affiliate system


Join our referral program to convert your Audience
AjuBit referral partners can earn up to 15% commission through their affiliate links. All you have to do is sign up on the website. Once the signup process is complete you will receive access to your unique crypto referral code and an account where you will find all the promotional materials you need, including banners, partner links, etc., as well as traffic statistics for your referral link.

Start earning in 3 easy steps
Step 1 Sign up or Log in to retrieve your crypto referral link.
Step 2 Share your referral link with friends and followers.
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Use referral links and banners after registering at, you will receive various promotional materials to choose from (texts, banners, scripts), which will make your job extremely easy. All you have to do is invite users to our website by posting promotional materials on your homepages, blogs, forums, Q&A services, blackboards, social network pages, and other resources. 

Referral users, earning history and withdrawal process all you will find on AjuBit user panel!